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Working to improve conditions for the young women of Kenya.

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The Teti Project is an initiative focused on improving conditions of the young women and girls of Kenya through education. Our work focuses on dealing with the state of reproductive and health education in Kenya while also engaging in the improvement of the overall educational opportunities for young women in Kenya. 

Tharaka-Nithi CountyKajiado County

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The Teti Project is a multidisciplinary approach to creating inclusive educational spaces for young women and girls in Kenya. Our work involves helping young women build a knowledge base that makes them empowered. We hope to help young women and girls develop positive mindsets and healthy futures.

  1. Improving sexual and reproductive health in rural communities.
  2. Providing educational opportunities for young women and girls.
  3. Destigmatizing conversations of health and hygeine in Kenya.

Current Initiatives

Reproductive Health in Kenya

Bringing Reproductive Health to Kajiado County and Munga Village The Teti Project strives to improve the state of Sexual and Reproductive…

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